Trailer position tyre. High mileage, resistance & low rolling resistance

High mileage & low rolling resistance
• Improved resistance to irregular wear due to optimised crown profile and even pressure distribution in the ground contact area.

High resistance 
• Solid shoulder design for increased durability.
• Bottom of tread groove designed to resist stone retention and tearing.
• Resistance to cuts, impacts and shocks though robust 4-belt casing design.

Please download XTE 2 tyre leaflet below:

XTE 2 Leaflet

Size & Details Position Application
425/65 R 22.5 XTE2 TL 165K MI trailer Regional
445/65 R 22.5 XTE2 TL 169K MI trailer Regional
265/70 R 19.5 XTE2 TL 143/141J MI trailer Regional
9.5 R 17.5 XTE2 TL 143/141J MI trailer Regional
285/70R19.5 XTE2 TL 150/148J M+S MI trailer Regional
245/70 R 19.5 XTE2 TL 141/140J MI trailer Regional