Fuel-efficient , all-position radial designed for long life steer axle service in line haul applications

Improved mileage and low rolling resistance 
• Advanced Technology™ Compound offers low rolling resistance while providing excellent traction, mileage and even wear
• Infini-Coil Technology™ helps to eliminate casing growth and ensure a consistent footprint

Optimised durability
• Massive shoulders and application specific compound for extended tread life
• Wet traction is improved using 3,000 trapezoidal micro sipes on the groove edges 

Size & Details Position Application
10 R 17.5 XZA TL 134/132L MI all Long Haul
255/70 R 22.5 XZA TL 140/137M MI all Long Haul
8.5 R 17.5 XZA TL 121/120L MI all Long Haul